Bali Envy Weft

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Color - 9" root color Midnight melting into colors Godiva, Platinum, and Mink.

Mix our wefts together - Use ENVY + Hand Tieds on one row (Hybrid) 

Our ENVY wefts come with 2 wefts in each pack, weighing 25 grams each and are 13" wide. All wefts come folded flat no longer rolled tight so the edges will no longer be difficult to smooth out. The best part about having 2 wefts weighing 50 grams is you can lay 4 wefts totaling 100 grams on your row instead of needing 6 wefts. We still have some left with 3 wefts per pack but all new packs are with 2 wefts only. Our ENVY wefts are completely customizable and can be cut without shedding or unraveling. ENVY wefts will never loop on the track and eliminate return hair. All our packs are 50 grams each.