Honey Hand Tied

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Level 6W - Honey is one of our most popular colors! Why??? Because everyone has warmth in their hair - especially natural brunettes wanting to go lighter. Honey is also great for those wanting to custom color our extensions to red tones and deep copper tones. If we are out of stock use Cinnamon or Caramello.

Mix our wefts together - Use ENVY + Hand Tieds on one row (Hybrid) 

Our 18", 20" and 22" hand tied weft options come with 3 wefts in each pack weighing 16.7 grams per weft with a head width of 11". Our 24" hand tied wefts come with 2 wefts per pack weighing 25 grams each and have a head width of 11.5". These wefts can NOT be cut or the integrity of the tied track will become compromised and shed. Please choose our ENVY wefts if you need to cut on the track
.All our packs are 50 grams each. If we are out of the exact length you need please order in a length that's available as price difference is minimal.
All our wefts are folded flat, not rolled tight so removing from packaging you will have no crimped edges.