You will be certified in our COCO Method, Concealed Technique, K Tip & Tape In application. You will learn to create gentle beaded rows that will keep your guests scalp and natural hair in top shape. It's so common in the extension industry for stylists to create "hot spots", otherwise known as "bald spots". When your technique and application are proper this does NOT and should NOT happen. This is common because of to many wefts placed on a row, to much tension and not knowing the correct way to tighten your beads. Extensions should NEVER create damage and unfortunately have a bad rep because stylists are not trained properly. In my course you will learn why our method is above others!!!

Included in your online course.....

* Access to watch over and over again

* How to properly install the COCO Method

* How to properly install the Concealed Technique

* How to properly install K Tips & Tape Ins for "filler" placement

* Full COCO extension kit (which includes) Beads, Thread, Needles, Looper, Comb, Scrunchie, Grippers, Clips, Minis Scissors

* COCO MARIE 25 custom color swatch ring

* Certified in our brand info to place in your IG bio - also sent in email

* How to properly remove the wefts for move ups

* Color matching your guest

* How many grams to use per individual

* Training strictly on our ENVY Wefts - these wefts eliminate the itchy mustache, can be cut and will not loop, shed or unravel. Last longer than our hand tieds. You may still use hand tieds on guests if you prefer but the hand tieds can NOT be cut or the weft will become compromised

* Access to our private shop page - sign up once you receive the class

Once you purchase your online course you will receive a email with the link to class within 24 hours and after photos and videos of work have been submitted to you will receive your Certificate digitally.

I'm so excited to help you become more successful and grow your extension clientele!!!