V Light extensions are the most recent and innovative way to deliver beautiful length and thickness in areas of the hairline and nape area.This technique compliments all other hair extension techniques that you may offer and will add fullness where you couldn't achieve prior. V light extensions are invisible, easy to brush and are so simple to manage. In our educational video included in your kit (which will be emailed to you once your order ships) we will guide you through the process of choosing the correct sections for adding hair, applying, and maintaining your extensions ensuring you achieve stunning results every time. This methods longevity is less than most extension applications - length of this type of install is only 3-5 weeks.

V-Lights are applied at the nape area, front and sides of your hairline, crown, fringe and any thinning area of the head. This will make shorter, fine hair or broken and damaged hair appear longer and thicker. Applied with a medical grade adhesive and bonded with our UV LED, this method is temporary and will only last 3-5 weeks. You will purchase any of our weft or K Tip collection for your guests and the hair is NON-reusable after it sheds.

What's included....


* Clear adhesive glue

* Remover tool

* Remover liquid

* Application brush

* 10 grams of COCO MARIE K TIPS

* Lanyard for V Light to hang from neck

* Certificate of Completion provided in your email once kit ships

* Educational video instructed by founder & CEO, Courtney Peters 

Video includes mastering your consultations, placement, technique, proper sections to use, removal and more. 

All V Lights are rechargeable. Each charge lasts between 2-4 hours. Your V light can be charged with a USB-A (not included in kit).

Pre Order Information

By ordering this kit you are reserving inventory from our first large V Light shipment. You will receive your educational video immediately upon shipment of your V Light kit. You will receive an email once your kit has shipped (early June) which will include the link to your training video.

Please note that refunds will not be eligible and your order cannot be canceled.